A characteristic feature of the Nord-line system based on profiles with a narrow front surface is the way of opening windows to the outside. This is characteristic especially for the Scandinavian markets’ construction style, and the wind pushing the wings presses them for increased tightness. In addition, the way of opening outwards saves space in the room.

The door frame has a building width of 120 mm, while the wing has 70 mm. The posts and crossbars are characterized by a special, decorative shape from the room side.

The system is characterized by a modern design with delicate bevels and rounding. The Nordline system allows the use of glazing with a thickness of 41 mm. Reinforcement with a large cross-section increases the stability of the windows.

The Nord-line profile system provides the possibility of making window constructions with different types of sash opening, characteristic for the Scandinavian market: tilt (SIDE HUNG), tiltable (TOP HUNG), vertically rotated (SIDE SWING) and horizontally (TOP SWING).

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