PSK sliding door is our regular entrance model. A winter insulated Sliding door with glass, for a really good price.

Our sliding door entry model, made of PVC. A fully insulated sliding door with many different options and accessories. So good insulated that you can put it in your outer wall, as well as our patio doors.

PSK SYSTEM is a pvc sliding door, with super-energy glass. The opening on it is so-called tilt and slide. This means that it has 2 opening possibilities.  As an ordinary sliding door that slides to the side. You pull the handle one step (3 o’clock) and the door slides inside the track towards the room, left or right, depending on which hang you choose. Then close the door and pull the handle one more step (at 12 o’clock) then the sliding door will be bottom hung.

You now have so-called weather mode. This means that the door is locked at the bottom, and the whole door taps a little in the room. In the upper edge, the door is open 1 dm so you can heat the room without it raining in.

Which Customers Choose Glass PSK Sliding Door?

Those who want a real winter insulated sliding door, who want to change a patio door to a sliding door or who want to build an isolated outdoor space. Customers who choose PSK do so because they get a lot of sliding door for their money. You buy a sliding door at a low price, but that is really good and wants the security of buying from Scandinavian Windows Sp. z o.o.  New, now you can upgrade your sliding door to Polaris Edition, then you get 3 glasses instead of 2 and you get 85 mm frame, and 10% better insulation.

Structure: A maintenance-free door made of PVC with steel-reinforced center chamber.

Material: PVC and steel

Insulation chamber: 5 pcs

Frame depth: 70 mm

Number of sealing strips: 2 pcs

Hanging: Inward, Tilt and sliding door with ventilation position.

Color: White. You can also get your PSK painted in any RAL color.

U-value throughout the construction: With 2 glasses 1.0 = 1.3 for the entire construction (Measured DIN EN 10077 for opening 1500 * 1500 mm)

U-value throughout the construction: With 3 glasses 0.6 = 1.0 for the entire construction (Measured DIN EN 10077 for openable 1500 * 1500 mm)

Type of glass: Energy glass, 2 or 3 glass low emission glass

Cassette depth glass case: 2 glasses 24 mm (4/16/4), or 3 glasses 4/12/4/12/4

Filling glass case: Argon gas

U-value glass: 1.0 (2 glasses) or 0.6 (3 glasses)

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