HST SYSTEM lift and slide large windows allow to eliminate any barriers in your house, they also save and make optimal use of your home space. It all gives completely new perspective in interior decoration. HST windows are perfect for everyone who needs even more daylight and panoramic views. Thanks to very stable 85mm profile the HST window can be designed even up 3000 mm width and 2700 mm height. Special, firm fitting mechanism let to slide even largest windows without much effort. Even though the HST windows could be large, the thermal permeability coefficient is very low, which helps to keep warmth in your house. Another benefit of HST lift and slide system is a low doorstep. It perfectly meets all requirements of house construction without barriers and allows easy entry and exit. HST system is available as 2-wing or 4-wing constructions.

We can manufacture HST lift and slide windows in other colors and dimensions.

Structure: PVC with center chamber of steel.

Frame depth: 197 mm

Opening mechanism: Sliding doors with Lift – Sliding mechanism

Bracket: Lift-slide.

Color: White as standard, Foiled with color as addition.

U-value the entire construction on sliding doors: 0.75 with 3 glasses

The glass in the sliding doors HST.

Model: Super energy.

Cassette depth: 48 mm with 3 glasses

Filling: Argon.

U-value glass: 0.5 with 3 glasses

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