On Top Swing windows that are higher than 60 cm, there is the option Swing 180 °. A revolving window, opens outwards at the bottom edge and can be rotated 170 degrees so that the outside comes inwards, which simplifies window cleaning. When the hinge selection is top-controlled, the window cannot be turned around. At Scandinavian Windows, we offer both of these classic windows, tailored to your needs, at the right price with high quality. Our Top Swing windows come with 2- and 3-glazed windows, low u-values ​​and are available as wooden windows or wood with an aluminum exterior and PVC (plastic). Customize your window below:

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If you need several windows of different sizes or another specific parameters just describe this to Additional information field below.

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Inner bar – decorative aluminum inner bar painted in the expected color is inside the glazing unit. We have a beautiful visual effect, and washing windows (windows) does not create additional problems. At cross-gutters and larger dimensions of the windows, there are silicone spacers on the joining to avoid the effect of “mulling” the muntins against the glass, so-called. resonance, buzzing aluminum about glass. Hold it to the object glue on bar – bar is made of the same wood as windows and painted identically as windows is glued on the outer and inner glass, and inside the glazing unit is free space. These bars highlight the aesthetics and increase the prestige of the object Vienna bars – the bars are glued on the outer and inner pane, and inside the glazing unit is an inter-pane frame. duplex. Such a bar gives the impression that the window is made of small glass packages. Such a pillar emphasizes the exclusive character and prestige of the owner of the object. The frames under the bars are of the same material and in the same color as the inter-pane frames at the edges of the glass. Construction – this mullion is also called a bar (vertical) or crossbar (horizontal). It divides the glass into parts.