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  • Harmony Door

    Harmony doors – Bi-Folding doors, that let large surfaces to be simply swept aside. The door parts fold on hinhes on one side, they are ideal for generous living spaces. Whole glass wall may be almost entirely opened while the indywidual elements are folded and pushed aside to the left or right into a corner.


    • Folding opening mechanism
    • Saving space
    • No-wall effect

    An ideal panoramic view with a large glass area even with the maximum size of 6.5 x 2.8 m, opened and closed easily/

    An extremely slim profile allows even more light flowing into your living space – for a higer quality of living and additional thermal benefits from solar energy.

  • PSK

    PSK parallel tilt & slide Door. There is optimal surface usage in the area of terrace and garden exits.

    With the PSK it is possible to tilt the leaf for ventilation and later to move it to the side.

    After opening, the leaves hide smoothly behind each other so as not to occupy the space of a room.



    Sliding bar at a good price, that allows air permeability, wind resistance and water resistanse. The innovative closing mechanism closes door hermetically around the perimeter.

    • Uw = 1.3 W/m²K
    • Hidden fittings mechanisms
    • Ventilation mode