We believe that effectiveness in business should translate into showing support to other entities. We are aware of how important is the development of our youth. Youth is the future, we have focused on supporting the ideologically close organization. That is why our company decided to become a sponsor of Ks Korona Zakrzewo (http://www.korona-zakrzewo.pl/). It is a non-profit sports association focused educating young people through sport. Physical education and sport should have a beneficial effect on shaping the correct and correct image of one’s own person. Undertaking physical activity creates special conditions for comparing one’s abilities, for assessing one’s own achievements, for an independent and critical look at oneself. Thanks to this, we also have the ability to see their positive and negative traits and their impact on the successes and mistakes made. The aim of the association’s activity is focused on promotion of sport, recreation and a healthy lifestyle. We are proud to support the positive shaping of the future of talented youth.



62-070 Zakrzewo ul. Olszynowa 1
tel: +48 536 001 575

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