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PVC windows, French windows and Doors

Best Quality PVC windows, French windows and Doors

Our PVC windows, French windows and doors are known for the best quality, which meets and exceeds customer’s expectations of durability, functionality and appearance. We achieve these goals through implementing unconventional solutions. We use manually inserted EPDM seals in our windows, which are more resistant to weather conditions, thus guaranteeing much better water- and air-tightness.

Skandynawskie Okna Window Designs

Environment Friendly Products

Through the right choice of materials, particularly profiles and steel reinforcements, we are able to offer you windows with heat transfer coefficient of even Uw=0.7. This quality makes these windows fit for use in passive houses. The products are also environmentally friendly.

Due to our use of solutions patented on the Swedish market, our windows are easy to assemble.


Environment Friendly Products
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