At Scandinavian Windows sp.z.o.o. we believe that the right window combination makes a streetscape appeal. We know that the right window design choice can change the look and feel of any interior.

If you have the idea of what you want even from a picture or description, then we can build it.
Scandinavian Windows Sp.z.o.o. manufacturers a window to fit to the diverse climate of the Scandinavian countries – hot summers and frozen winters.

We have testimonials from German institutes ift Rosenheim confirming anti-burglary properties (RC2).S

What should You choose?

There are many types of window functionalities and operational features to choose from. 

We are able to produce many variations: sliding doors, double horizontal sliding sash, sliding folding window, fixed windows, vertical and horizontal sliding sash, sliding projecting side-hung casement, top swing windows and many, many other.
You have to remember that all of our products are open out.



62-070 Zakrzewo ul. Olszynowa 1
tel: +48 536 001 757

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