Enviromental protection

The responsibility for sustainable economies should be borne jointly by companies, government and society. We carry out environmental risk assessments at all production locations in which the Group has a majority interest in the ownership structure.
That is why we opened procedure to obtain Nordic Ecolabel (read more: http://www.nordic-ecolabel.org/).
We carry out supplies which we use, because of this fact we check every material in terms of chemical composition and environmental impact. We got all documentations to confirm properties of materials used by us. We cooperating with scientific centres to minimise the impact of manufacturing on our surroundings.

Labour standards

In our company, we are guided by the principles of mutual respect for every human being. We are an international company, created by a diverse team. We recognize that every human being is equal regardless of his nationality, religion, sexual orientation or political views. We recognize freedom of association, do not use forced labor and care for decent working conditions.

Social resposibility

Today, many manufacturing companies use materials produced in third world countries on the basis of exploitation, bad remuneration or child labor. All our suppliers have been checked by us in terms of observing human rights in their production facilities. We know the origin of our materials and the conditions in which they were created.



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